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»FMEA calls for methodical approach! Only brainstorming and working on forms are not enough to take care of this requirement.«

- Winfried Dietz -
Dietz Consultants support clients globally and during development in the analysis and avoidance of risks with a complete range of services.

The Six Steps of FMEA

Always keeping the goal in your mind's eye

1. step
Scoping Definition

Based on:

  • Goals
  • System delimitation
  • Project plan
  • Interfaces
  • Block diagram
  • Lessons learned
  • Basis for structure analysis
2. step
Structure Analysis
  • System & process visualisation
  • Identification of the design interfaces
  • Basis for function analysis

3. step
Function Analysis
  • Functions of the system elements (design & process) and their interaction (functional networks)
  • Basis for failure analysis

4. step
Failure Analysis
  • Failure modes & failure chain (design & process) (correlation between failure effects, failure modes, failure causes)

5. step
Risk Analysis
  • Assignment of actions (prevention & detection)
  • Evaluation of the significance, occurrence and detection for each failure chain

6. step
  • Identification, documentation, implementation of further actions necessary to reduce risk
  • Confirmation of effectiveness

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