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专业FMEA 指导

通过FMEA 指导,德茨企业咨询将为您提供高效的人力资源开发工具,支持人际关系的学习过程,以及针对公司和FMEA主持人的即时工作情况和个人解决方案的解决方案。


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From knowing the ability in the direction of competence! Developing FMEA efficiently and effectively. We procure an adept use of time and quality of risk analysis through methodology security and a clean methodical management of the experts. In FMEA coaching, we transfer our FMEA competence to your FMEA experts through professional management, guidance and feedback.

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We agree upon a free 15-minute strategy discussion, at the end of which both you and we know exactly what you need. We tailor our approach to your specific requirements.

We coordinate individual goals for coaching. FMEA coaching includes all work steps such as preparation, support of the coachee in the real work situation, the recording of results as well as follow-up and plausibility checks of the work results. Your FMEA experts receive detailed feedback from us in order to accomplish the greatest possible benefit.

Following (systematic) attitudes are the basis for our work:

  • Resource orientation
  • Appreciation and
  • Solution-oriented approach

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Then here is what you need to do now...

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Contact us, so we can understand your task, exchange a non-disclosure agreement if and as necessary, prepare a customised offer and help you as quickly, competently and cost-efficiently as possible.

You can reach us
by e-mail: info@dietz-consultants.com
by phone: +49 5407 818 640
via contact form